Marbella has a rich heritage dating back to the Roman times. The current name Marbella comes from the queen Isabella that was amazed by the beauty of the sea hence Mar – Bella.


Marbella has something for everyone. It’s an active community of walkers, runners, cyclists, golfers and tennis players. With long stretches of boardwalks, golf courses, bike routes and trails, there are numerous possibilities for outdoor activities in the neighborhood.


The coastline is one of the longest in southern Europe and caters to both children and adults. The Marbella beach is an ideal spot for beach activities and to enjoy the array of different beach clubs. Plus, there are lifeguards on duty every day to monitor beachgoers.


Marbella’s culinary experience and nightlife is diverse but always vibrant. Many of the restaurants are known for freshly caught seafood and waterfront dining, but Marbella is also home to Top Chefs, unique concept kitchens and a multitude of restaurants ideal for those special occasions.